Oh No You Didn't

by Simo


Yannow, sometimes it's really hard to be a Furry. I'm having one of those moments right now. And, as usual, it's how some of you dipshits out there are acting. This latest fandom shitstorm has struck in three places so far: "You Tube", "We Game", and on Blogspot. It involves this video, and apparently others in a similar vein:

I thought this was absolutely hilarious! Been awhile since I laughed so hard. However, some fandom affiliates didn't see it that way.

I've gotten many angry PMs about my "mis-use" of Renamon. To an unhealthy number of people, (1 being too many as is) this character is, a role model, a thing of beauty and innocence, a porn star, you get the picture. These PMs have contained sob stories to death wishes and yet so many people seem to think I attack Renamon because I hate furries in general. I'll admit the ones that broadcast their personal lives and fetishes publicly are making me vomit, but this is one character I'm fed up with seeing and I say again ... poking fun at this one character isn't a slam on the entire fanbase

Anyway, this video was spurred by a particular private message I got a few hours after GIB: Episode 8's release:

Hello there DasBoSchitt.

I just wanted to inform you that I watch all of your videos, and I love all of them; while some are less funny and humorous than others, they all seem to play out well and fair on my end. While I cannot deny that I am a loyal subscriber to your channel and your "Garry's Mod Idiot Box" series is a brilliant video collection, I have some problems with your work. Now that I've gotten past all the sucking up and admittance of my love for your videos, it's time I presented this "problem" to you. The whole situation about you not hating furries, yet hating Renamon, is a paradox; by stating your hatred for Renamon in the "Tagged" video, you have also state a vulgar abhorrence for furries as well. Me and a collection of furry enthusiasts have agreed that it would be in our best interests if we asked you to cease and desist the use of Renamon in your videos, unless it is in a positive demeanor.

While I cannot deny that Renamon IS a child's film star, we all love and respect her as if she were a real, living and breathing person. Back when I presented this issue to my group, they were all completely unaware that you had ever posted anything harmful to the name of Renamon, and did not believe me at first; so I provided them the video as evidence; they were amazed at the result. As further support, we've contacted other furry support groups (Specifically Renamon based) and asked them for their advice and they fell in line with me, and my organization's thoughts and concerns. Anyway, the point is, a lot of people don't want you downsizing the name of Renamon. If you would be so kind as to stop posting videos with bad things concerning Renamon, we would be greatly appreciative.

A list of the things we do not want Renamon involved in:

Thank you for your time,
(Name and group with-held)

Read more: The Tale of Dirty Renamon http://www.wegame.com/watch/the-tale-of-dirty-renamon/#ixzz0hm7I9wLx

"...We all love and respect her as if she were a real, living and breathing person...": Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!

Yes, at one point in my life, I, too, looked up to a cartoon character as though it was a "real, living and breathing person": I was ten years old at the time. Judging from the 6,000 (and counting) You Tube comments, it looks like there are quite a few individuals out there who desperately need to figure out the meaning of the saying: "Get a life".

Suppose that Renamon actually was a real, living and breathing person: who are they to say that she wouldn't be laughing right along with Bo Schitt over his Renamon vids? Who's to say that she wouldn't find the behavior of all too many of her fans damned embarrassing? Seems someone forgot all about that possibility.

If you don't like Mr. Schitt's Renamon vids, then don't watch the damn things: problem solved.

As for myself, Renamon doesn't so a damn thing for me. OTOH, I rather like Impmon. Now, should Mr. Schitt decide to do a send-up of Impmon, do you suppose that I'm going to be sending him nasty-grams, filling this web site with vitriol directed at Mr. Schitt? No way Jose; not a chance Sundance! If it's funny, I'll laugh. If it SUX, I'll go looking for something else to watch. With all the fucked up shit going on in our country and the world, defending the "honor" of a fictional character that exists in no other form than a collection of one's 'n' zero's on a HD and/or as lines on paper has got to rate at the bottom of the priority pile.

People, when the mundanes and outsiders refer to us as "furfags", it is this kind of shit they mean. Quite frankly, I'm getting just a bit sick and tired of cleaning up the messes you make on the carpet.


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