Articles from 2015

What A Difference A Decade Makes

A tale of two college newspaper articles about Furries


Not This Again

An old controversy rears its ugly head again


Articles from 2013

Welcome to the Club

Furries aren't the only ones who need to beware the media...


Articles from 2012


They're At It Again

Just when you get to believing the bad press is over...


More Avoidable Fandom Controversy

How not to handle delicate issues.


Articles from 2011


Coming Out?

Is there a "Furry closet" from which to "come out"?


What is the Furry Fandom?

Guest article from Chris Mays that originated as an assignment for an English class. Interesting reading.


Articles from 2010


Oh No You Didn't

More loving your fandom to death: Misplaced priorities and atrocious Internet behavior that reflects poorly on all Furs.


Articles from 2009


An Informal History of Furdom

Just as the title implies, here is an informal history of the fandom.


Another Talk Show Defames Furdom

The media are up to their old tricks. Even though we've had some very good press these past few years, when dealing with the media, don't let your guard down.


The Furry Impulse

Why Furriness? A possible explanation.

Articles from 2007


Furry Coming of Age

Definite signs of the maturation of Furdom.


I Hate Hyoomans

See for yourself, you just might be surprised: we're not so bad after all.

Articles from 2006


A Furry 11th Commandment

The GOP has long had its "11th commandment" -- it's high time we had one too.

Con Report

Morphicon 2006

Some People Never Learn

Burned Fur II -- theeeeeeey're back?

THAT CSI Episode Again

Like a bad penny, this one just keeps coming back... and back... and back. Is all that drama really worth it?

The Lords of the Fur

The frustrated elitists are at it again.

This Judgemental Little Business

Ever wonder why other fandoms never get called out over the "misbehavior" of their affiliates? Here's your answer.

Warning Signs

Possible bias within the fandom. It's still too soon to see if there's a problem,but this needs a closer look-see.

Articles from 2005


Battalion on Furry

Texas A & M campus birdcage liner defames Furdom: college boys demonstrating their maturity.

Freezing Furs

How not to handle troll attacks.

For Clueless Anime Fans

The absurdity of inter-fandom rivalries

Basic Furry Sociology

Is the Furry fandom too inclusive?

Furry Pride

Public relations for Furries

Furry Spirituality Reconsidered

Furry spirituality: is it really as strange as the furbashers would have you believe?

Media Relations for the Furry

Your day to "meet the press" may come: how to be prepared.