Furry World

by Bounty B. Wolf

The Invitation

Shortly after 4:00AM on June 17-2010 I decided to take a shower. While making a final rinse I heard a voice outside my bathroom window saying: "They will arrive shortly" then a scuffle and muffled voices, finally nothing further.

Was odd indeed and seems a good way to start either a really good horror movie or a mystery. I eventually looked outside after I'd gotten dressed and seen trampled grass along with a few deep and wide depressions too big to be human feet, With claws? Naaa, Just my imagination with the late night working overtime again, As usual. Came back inside and started my laundry. Upon re-entering my room I immediately noticed 3 individuals wearing full body wolf costumes standing near my computer desk and mumbling to themselves. The door to my room shuts with a soft thud and the individuals turn towards my direction. I ask who they are as I think about possible items to use in my defense should they attack.

The biggest one steps forward and says: "We are here to formally invite you to our world and possibly become a part of that world if you choose to".

I ask him to explain what he means as I continue to scan the room near me for possible defense items. He says: "We come from a world very much like this one except most of the population is a mix of some animal species and human. In other words, they, like us are true anthropomorphs".

My first words out of my mouth after hearing: "This is bullshit!!" Then I say, "Nothing like that can possibly exist except in the imagination of people here".

There is silence for a moment then he offers to show proof and take off one of his suit gloves. I agree and off it comes to reveal a very furry and sharp clawed, four-fingered hand with pads on the palm area. I stare in amazement and ask for further proof of this since anybody can make a animatronic hand that looks real enough to a casual viewer.

He responds "What further proof do you require?"

Being my usual perverted self I say with a sly grin: "I want one of you to strip completely out of the costume so I can be assured of the truth of all this".

He takes his costumed head off revealing a light brown male wolf head and sighs deeply before turning towards his two companions. They talk very quietly for a moment before turning back around to face me.

I say, "Well who is it going to be?"

The smallest one in the back steps forward and removes the costume head. I immediately recognize a fox with red, white and black fur. She says with some disgust in her voice: "I'm not stripping for this.."

So having some compassion, since it is a female, I ask: "Are you wearing anything between the costume and your body?"

She responds "Yes a sports bra and a pair of shorts BUT I'm still not stripping for you".

My face softens with a smile and I say: "Just the costume top, I wouldn't want to cause you any undue embarrassment but think about this from my point of view. I've got three strangers in my room with my dogs and they haven't barked or growled once since you came in. I want to be sure of what this is about before I make any decisions that could not only affect me but people around and close to me".

She sighs and her ears go down a bit on the sides then says, "OK just the top"

Then turning her head towards her companions says, "I didn't sign up to strip for these invites so this is the last time", with her teeth bared and a light growl in her voice.

The biggest one smiles and the middle sized one finally removes his costume head as well. Now I've got two male wolves and a female fox in my bedroom... interesting mix. The fox slowly undresses and is finally free of her top. I step closer to take a better look in the dim light then ask "Would you mind if I touched you... Just to be sure?"

She responds with another sigh then says with a slightly evil grin "Go ahead, but leave my breasts alone or else you'll draw back a bloody stump. Got it?!"

So I step closer and reach out to touch her upper arm, before my hand makes contact she recoils and closes her eyes. I step back again and say as comforting as I can "Look I'm not going to hurt you. Open your eyes and relax a little". She does and I move forward to touch her upper arm. My reaction to the first feel is "OMG! It's soo soft and warm".

I continue checking her out along her sides and her back feeling for a zipper, Velcro or any sort of fastener. While I'm searching under her fur she is getting a rubdown of sorts and starts smiling as she begins to enjoy it. I step away again and accept the invitation with a handshake from the biggest wolf.

He says, "Oh Yeah, I almost forgot... Your friend Lostheart says 'Hi'"

While his eyes keep shifting from me to the fox. The fox upon hearing this statement perks her ears up and her eyes widen as if to say "OMG!! How dare you??!!!" I look directly at her and say her name again and she drops her head while softly saying "Hi Bounty".

Now I've talked to this person quite a bit in the past but about a year ago she left me with very haunting words before signing out and never coming back.... that is until today. I move forward and hug her saying how worried I had been about her and all sorts of questions involving what had happened and how she ended up an anthro fox.

The medium sized wolf finally speaks up and says "Those and many more questions will be answered later; we need to get moving before dawn comes up".

I silently say my farewells to my parents, my sleeping girlfriend and finally pet my dogs one last time. Closing the bedroom door and head out the front door making sure it closed quietly as well. We walk towards the front gate with the biggest wolf leading, The fox behind him and finally me and the second wolf in the rear. They had all replaced their costume parts before stepping outside. As we neared the front gate to the yard it looked kinda fuzzy, sorta like a picture taken out of focus. The lead wolf stepped through and disappeared followed by the rest of us one at a time. There was a blinding flash of light then things came into focus for me.

I was now in a reception area of some sort with the doorway closing behind us. The lead wolf introduces me to a older male, white anthro rabbit in a white coat saying "This is Doc, He will take care of you and make sure all your questions are answered. Take care and good luck!"

The team walks away after having removed their costumes and a pair of gray, male anthro mice in light grey shirts and gray pants come over to pick up the discarded items. They disappear down a hall leading away from Doc and myself. Doc clears his throat and says "So lets get started with a preliminary examination to determine what to do next".

We walk down a different hall towards what appears to be a huge opening. Inside I see all sorts of equipment and several large screens showing information I cannot make out because of the distance. The Doc leads me towards a doorway and asks me to step through. Just a metal/electronics detector he says. So I step through and no alarms since I was wearing pajama bottoms and a old worn t-shirt after my shower. He then leads me to another spot and says to stand there with your arms at your sides so we can scan you for possible things that need correcting. As I stand there I wonder what things he meant then get hit with a bright green light and it seems to flash several times before stopping.

The Doc motions me over to the large screen and says "That list on the right is what needs to be fixed before we proceed to the next step".

I silently read the list to myself and see it involves fixing several things including old injuries, my eyesight, my damaged hearing, my arthritic joints, my asthma and finally my weight was up top as number one. While I was reading, Doc had walked away to a table and was already waking back with something in a gloved hand. He opens his hand to reveal a capsule with something shiny inside it. The Doc says "Take this and we can proceed to the next item on the list". I ask what it is before touching it.

He responds "It's about a billion or so micro-nano-bots that will correct your weight, your eyes, hearing and so on to cover the most part of the list. They are pre-programmed with your specifics so they won't accidentally move your foot to your head".

I'm thinking to myself "This is the most amazing thing that has happened to me in my entire life, Do I really want to screw up and not take it?" As I reach out to take the capsule he retracts his hand. "No! You must not touch it with your bare hands". He continues by saying that he has to place it under my tongue so it can dissolve and the bots will absorb into my system within seconds. I agree to this and open my mouth with tongue up. In goes the capsule and as he said it near instantly dissolved and was gone without a taste of any sort.

I smile and say, "Now what happens?"

Doc responds very softly, "We wait for the bots to fully integrate with every aspect of your body and then we will use a few of these machines to help them help you".

Twenty minutes later I'm being seated into a chair device with metallic pads next to my hip, knee and ankle joints. The Doc then calls out for "Tina" and two female, white anthro mice appear in white lab coats from behind a door. The Doc informs me that this machine will fix my damaged joints but at the same time its quite painful so the mice will block the pain from reaching my brain. Each of the mice places their paws just above my hips and almost instantly my legs and feet below their hands goes completely numb. The Doc starts the machine with a handheld pad and reports it will be done in about 30 minutes. The time goes by without any pain and the mice are still smiling with the occasional giggle. The machine finishes and as I'm being helped to my feet the mice release their grip and just as suddenly I feel my toes again.

I ask the Doc why the numbing, He responds with "It usually feels like your joints are being crushed with this procedure. Believe me, I know". As I walk around I notice I'm not in pain like I was before with my hips, knees and ankles...Amazing!! The Doc continues: "The machine basically tells the bots to concentrate their healing and reconstructive efforts there until its good as new... Now to fix your tongue and teeth".

I'm helped into a different chair and the Doc holds up another device. "Place your tongue into the center and clamp your teeth around the outer edge but only after you've placed your hand back onto the armrest. Until then just hold it with your lips".

I do as he says and he continues with "Can't help ya with the pain on this one, The connection between your mouth and brain is too short and the mice might accidentally permanently numb you.... So just bear it until the pain stops. Shouldn't be more than 10-15 minutes before its complete".

I nod in understanding then clamp down with my teeth. Sorta felt like all my teeth were being ripped out while my tongue was being squeezed in a vise. Tears streaming down my face from the pain and it seemed like hours before it finally subsided.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I wanted to hit him and repeat it back but I didn't.

The Doc then walks me to another machine saying it will help the bots fix internal problems like heart, lungs and whatever else might need repair. So I step into the booth and a door closes behind me and I sit down on a bench provided inside. I finally come to staring at the mice again who are trying to help me to my feet. "What the hell was that Doc?"

He responds with "You passed out from the pain as soon as the procedure was started. But if you'll come over here again we can do another scan to see how your doing so far".

I make my way back over to the scan pad and stand there as before. The scan completes in a few seconds and a list of two items remain. It says "skin" and right below that it says "staple". So the Doc being curious looks at the note and apparently during one of the many operations I had as a kid, A Dr. left a staple inside me when he was removing them from a hernia operation. I ask the Doc about the first item and he says "Well you've trimmed up nicely but the saggy skin has to go".

I look at myself in a mirror and see most of my skin just hanging off my now perfect frame of muscle and bone. My skin has turned a shade of ash gray like its dying or already dead. The Doc goes behind me and asks several times if I feel something and I say no. Then he says with a smile, "Time to be rid of the saggy suit!"

He starts to cut away the skin and lets it fall into a Haz-mat basket. Whats under appears to be some sort of clear jelly-like fluid covering a semi-transparent new skin that fits my new body like a glove. I'm led to a shower and given new pants and light shirt to wear. The Doc then holds a device near the spot of the staple and it suddenly pops out with very little pain. The Doc explains the skin is in a pre-embryonic state so it can be transformed into either new human skin OR if I so choose anthro skin complete with fur, ears and tail that would grow in during the fourteen to twenty day "hibernation" period. I've been here almost five hours and already I look, feel and breath 100 times better than I have most of my adult life...with the exception of the semi-transparent skin and lack of outer ears and hair. I asked what my selections would be IF I wanted to become anthro and he pulls up a chart on the screen using the hand held remote.

"There ya go!" he says with a smile. "Pick your type of animal, fur coloration and pattern type, type of feet and hands..."

Even if I want extra hair upon my head that compliments or contrasts the fur color. "Don't take too long", he warns, "You've got 17 hours left to choose before your skin starts to return to a human type".

Searching through what seemed like thousands of possibilities I pick and choose what seemed to fit me best. Then I thought "If I do this, I can never go home again since I'll be rejected by society as a freak and possibly hunted down until I was either killed or locked up in a lab somewhere and experimented upon until my death".

I asked the Doc one final question before confirming my selections: "Why invite me?"

He responded, "That's simple, You wanted this world, You called out to us subconsciously and we just have a way to listen to and respond to those that do".

Then he showed me video of outside the lab. The air was clean, no pollution anywhere and best of all was a wide assortment of anthropomorphic people doing all sorts of things and all were happy. I clicked the button to confirm my selections and was walked back to the room where I had collapsed before. You'll mostly sleep through it as long as you don't fight the urge to sleep. I stepped inside and laid down on the bench and pillow provided, watched the door close and seal with a hiss and finally drifted off to sleep with a last image of the mice twins looking in through the window.

I woke up to see that my legs, feet and hands had almost finished changing along with a huge pain felt near my ass, I rolled over onto my side and my hairless tail flopped out. I rolled my eyes in disbelief in what I had seen and went back to sleep. Woke up again what seemed like minutes later and most of my fur had grown in as well as my new ears and nails. I heard a tapping on the glass and one of the mice twins was waving at me. I lifted my hand and waved back only to realize it wasn't a dream at all and I was now looking across my nose to a very furry hand with paw pads on the bottom/palm side. Looking at the window again I see a sign with "2 hours left" printed on it. The sign disappeared and Doc looked in then waved to me as I waved back. I kicked back and took in my new form. White, black and gray fur on a anthro wolf body and a patch of pre-styled dark blond hair on my head. I've got the wolf type legs and feet and semi-human fur covered hands with sharp, black claws on all toes and fingers to compliment my fur and form.

The Citizen and The Service

Several weeks passed while I learned to speak again with my new mouth, Learned to walk again with my new legs and learned to control my ears and tail. Eating was simple at first but had to be done with more elegance to avoid food spilling out the sides where I'd once had cheeks to keep it in. Also during this re-training I was given a new choice to make. Be a second class citizen and not be allowed a voice in community discussions nor be allowed to reproduce. I'd be sterilized.

But with at least a one year commitment to serving their global military to protect the whole world from invading armies, I'd be allowed to a voice in community discussions, to have children and to serve additional purposes like eventually becoming a "Invitation Officer" whose job it is to go through portals and offer another person on Earth or earth-like planet the same choice I was given a month and a half ago... But I have to survive basic training and the actual service of the planet in combat, Then I'd become a 1st class citizen.

This also applied to females who came from off planet and any natural born citizen who at the age of 25 would be given this same choice. Reproduction before this age meant dire consequences for the individuals who dared to do so. Be 3rd class citizens and limited to half-pay jobs their entire life while nobody spoke to them, ever. Very few carelessly made that mistake. Since most of the population from my perspective seemed happy in doing whatever, they were all taken care of with food, housing and clothing allowances according to their citizenship status and job title.

Before I left the Training Facility I was implanted as everyone else is with a ID tag. This is sorta like having permanent "dog tags" as it were. These were upgradeable as you finished years of service with the global military. Life in basic training camp was not easy. Just as its not easy for those still on earth I believe. After completing that with a few scars and valuable lessons learned, I entered service as a sergeant and in charge of a small group of privates. As I gained experience with their "computer systems" I was given additional responsibilities including maintaining the equipment both on and off planet.

My physique had dramatically changed from nearly no muscle to having the strength to lift up to 370 pounds. This comes in handy at times and other times require more delicate handling just because of the nature of what I'm handling at the time (computer parts). I completed my service as a two-star general because of the lives I'd saved and the fact that the original two-star general aboard my last ship was killed in action during a firefight with hostile aliens before I was assigned there. I'd served 4 years in the global military and moved up in rank quicker than most ever would have just because I was in the right place at the right time and having experience to do those jobs offered to me didn't hurt in the least. During my 5th year of service, about 4.5 months in, I'd gotten injured and spent the remainder of that years service in the med center recovering and regaining lost muscle mass.

By the end of that tour I was offered a position with a invitation team. It meant a cut in my pay but was much more respected since it involved going off world to invite others to this heaven of a planet... But could also be dangerous and one might be captured or killed in this as easily as being in the conflict in space. Neither of which I'd intended to happen to my team easily. Scouting locations before the invite was extended was my primary job, Secondary was getting the team out in case it went wrong...sometimes it did. Finally after 7 long years with the invitation team I retired.

I was missing two toes from one foot where a angry farmer caught my team off guard and shot at us like common wolves. I should of shredded that bastard for killing my team mate But I didn't. Instead I got the wounded and dead over each shoulder and made my way out of the field to the appointed door exit spot minutes before it would close and we would be trapped there until the next invitation to this world was sent... Possibly years away. The wounded team mate eventually recovered physically but was never the same mentally after seeing her "mate" (for lack of a better word) killed in front of her eyes. I still visit her every week to make sure she and her son have what they need.

I now have a family of my own with two wonderful children who will make that decision themselves to either serve or not one day. My mate had spent 8 years in the G.F.M. before retiring. We are relatively well off as far as housing, food and clothing allowances are concerned. Every now and then my mind drifts back to what my life might had been if I had declined the invite. What became of my parents, my girlfriend and everything there. Yeah, I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished here, With my mate and my kids. If your reading this and get a invitation to come here... Weigh your options carefully before making this decision. Perhaps one day it may be my kids inviting you. I had to write this to let others know on Earth what may be possible and what dangers you may encounter while here. Remember; Nothing in life is guaranteed except death. Make the most of what your given and opportunities that arise in front of you.

1 August 20-2022
Bounty B. Wolf
1st Class Citizen,
Retired 2 Star General G.F.M. (Global Furry Military),
Retired I.T.O. (Invitation Team Officer).