The I.T.O. Years and Family Life Explored

by Bounty B. Wolf

I.T.O. First Year

During the six week intensive training, I was taught everything I would need to know to safely get the team in and out without casualties or injury to us or the person we were inviting. Then there are those times when during a invite, everything goes wrong and the invite is left behind as we make our way to safety and then to the portal if possible without being seen. Oddly enough I was taught by my friend Lostheart. She took her time with every procedure and what to expect as a outcome. She even informed me that they already knew I was going to possibly ask one of them to strip because of the intel gathered about me weeks before the invite was extended. They monitored my Internet activity and home life to be sure it was something I would want. I was kinda shocked by this but also at the same time it made sense to do it that way to avoid any nasty surprises.

Upon completion of the training I returned home to my mate. I found her in the bathroom being sick. I took her to the med center for evaluation ASAP!! After making preliminary scans the Dr. informs us both that she is pregnant with a single baby. Since we haven't been together since the night of the joining, we figured it happened then. I was overjoyed and my mate seemed to take on a sort of glow. At first I thought it was the lighting in the med center but it continued even after we got home. She was extremely happy as well and the smile never left her face even when she was being sick. The Dr had given her some anti-nausea pills to help her feel a little better. These were all natural and would not harm the baby at all.

During the most part of the pregnancy she is on light volunteer duty. The following day I start making trips to other worlds to invite people to possibly live on this heaven of a planet. One thing you will notice about this place is that it does not have seasons like on earth. Its situated in such a way with the dual suns that it never really gets cold here. There is a spring, summer and fall but then goes into spring again. I had a difficult time describing snow to a few of the residents here while talking to them. No freezer to reference since food is either fresh or dried to preserve it. Drinks are served either room temperature or warm/hot depending on what was served.

Another thing you'll notice is there is no television or radio as we know it. Mostly there are short public announcements specific to community and world events over outdoor speakers. These cover such things as where fresh fruit can be picked, joining of mates, deaths and births. Events such as outdoor festivals with live music were almost always happening and anybody was welcomed to join at anytime (be sure to bring something to add to the event such as drinks, prepared food or musical instruments to play as its only polite to do so). My mate and I occasionally go to these when we have time.

Late one night there was a knock at our front door, I got out of bed to answer it. A rather large anthro male bear was there with a message. It read: "Come to the invitation hall within 45 minutes of receiving this and be prepared to leave on a rescue mission" There are actually five invitation teams including mine. Thinking quietly to myself as I get ready I wonder what the rescue mission is about. I arrive at the invitation hall and discover its extremely busy. Checking the roster I find out two things, First is that a fursuit will not be needed. Second is the team I'm rescuing: they have been overdue for two days without communication of any sort. I've never met this team before now; just hope the rescue will go smoothly and have both teams come back alive and safe.

As my team and I step through the portal door we come out into a desert area. I activate my communicator and find out if this is the right place while showing the invitation hall personnel the surrounding area. They say no and we step back in to re-calibrate the door. Another hour goes by and we try again. Its basically hit and miss because the signal they locked onto is gone so they could be anywhere on the planet. Finally after what seemed like hundreds of tries, we step out and see a house. I show it to the personnel and they say its the correct house. I tell the other two to wait in the tall weeds until they hear my signal. I move forward to investigate further. Finding a window I look inside and see nobody. I find a crawl space entrance under the house and utilize that to further my investigation of where the other team was located. I'm crawling, listening and smelling. Suddenly a odor hits my nose that makes me sick. I follow it and find a rather large puddle of blood that had leaked through the floorboards. Too much for just one being, possibly two or even three. I take several samples from different spots and continue on.

Exiting the crawl space, I move towards the side of the house the blood was under. Looking in through a window I see a large cow that had just been slaughtered, That accounts for the blood but I'm keeping the samples anyway. I finally enter the house after not seeing or smelling any humans. Moving slowly to allow my ears and eyes to guide me. I finally enter the kitchen area and see three very fat and over full invitation team members. Costumes been completely discarded. They are all alive and fast asleep from overeating. I send the signal to my other team members to enter through the front door and help me carry them out to the portal door. As we are about to step through the one I'm carrying wakes up and asks where they are. I explain that they had been overdue to come home for 2 days so a rescue was done to extract them. I go on further to explain that as soon as they all recover from eating too much they would most likely have to explain in great detail what happened from the time they stepped out of the door until I found them 10 minutes ago. He responded with a grunt, a burp and finally passed out again.

I found out later they were removed from invitation team and the investigation was sealed to prevent anyone from discovering what really happened. It was talked about in certain circles but I always said I knew nothing more than what the rumors were about. Within a week it was forgotten about and life went on as normal. My mate was now nearing her seventh month and was ordered to rest more while stepping away from volunteering at the med center. Occasionally we would go for short walks through the community, along the beach or even through a field to enjoy the peacefulness of the area and each others company.

One afternoon on the eighth month I was scheduled to go on a invitation but my mate had also started to go into labor. I asked a fellow invitation officer to cover for me and explain the situation so I could take her to the med center for the birthing process. It was loud, messy and amazing all at the same time. Within hours of starting labor my mate gave birth to the most beautiful son I've ever seen (Don't all parents say this?). He had a mixture of both my mate and myself.

The following day at home a welcoming party was thrown for him by the community. All sorts of gifts were presented to the three of us including a crib, several sets of clothes for him to wear and most precious of all was a photo album taken by several individuals showing moments from the time I had met my mate in the med center while recovering to the birthing yesterday showing both of our faces as she was having labor pains and finally us holding our new son. It would be up to us to continue it as he grew older with photos of us all. A few hours later the party had wound down and finally the last of the guests had departed. They had cleaned up and put away all the gifts in proper places. The crib was placed in a separate room where he would sleep until we moved into a larger house. For six to eight months after my sons birth I'm home more than away due to taking time off from invitations and spending as much time helping my mate as possible. She says she don't need it but there are times I catch glimpses of her showing signs of exhaustion. Finally I offer her a chance to just drop everything and take our first family vacation.

She nearly knocks me over with excitement about the idea. After making sure I was cleared by the invitation team office to take a week off, We started to pack. In one backpack (which I carried) we had everybody's clothes and a few other essential items needed. During our vacation another family would stay at our home for their vacation and we would stay at another family's house for ours. Its odd but provides a change of scenery and atmosphere for the families involved. Nobody ever worries about personal items being messed with since it shows extreme rudeness and its just downright impolite to do so. About the only thing we really have that is personal is the photo album which is locked with a paw print on a very thin tablet PC of sorts and its easily packed away into our suitcase. But the mate wanted it displayed on the mantel leaving it unlocked so the visiting family could view it if they wanted to.

We arrived at the house we are supposed to occupy and it's situated very close to the beach. Smelling the fresh sea air, hearing the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore and the constant breeze coming in through the front door, which is nothing more than a screen with a frame with a handle on the outside. As my mate gets our son settled I head out to go fishing for tonight's dinner. Returned home two hours later with a very large fish and some clams I had dug up while waiting for a bite on the line. My mate is excited and finds a fish grill in the kitchen and rinses it off while I clean the fish and get it ready to grill. Just as I'm about to cut off the head my mate stops me saying "That's the best part" with a sly grin. The head came off anyway and I de-boned it without removing the fins which get crunchy and quite tasty when cooked over a open fire. The clams were placed into a pot of water and that was hung up over the fire as well to cook. While that cooked I went to a local fruit and vegetable vendor and picked up enough for a small salad and some very tasty fruit for dessert.

I returned home just in time to take the fish and clams off the fire and serve it up along with a salad for her and I. Our son wasn't eating solid food just yet so his meal was courtesy of my mate and some alone time in a rocking chair while I was out getting the salad and fruit. Finishing up the meal and allowing her to relax in the living room on a sofa, I head into the kitchen to clean up and prepare the fruit for us. I removed the skin, the seeds and cut it into small bite sized pieces as instructed to do so by the vendor with a gleam in his eye. Then I drizzled this worlds style of honey onto it for added sweetness and flavor. Walking back into the living room with the fruit in a small dish she says quietly "that smells good". I sit next to her and offer her a bite which she takes then takes my hand and licks off the honey from my fingers while she smiles. I get offered a bite by her and OMG!! its soooo tasty. Sorta like a mix of passion fruit, kiwi and strawberries on earth but then the honey also adds another flavor all its own. In a few minutes we had finished the fruit and she had licked the bowl clean. Then she started on my face and went south from there.

As I lay back enjoying this bath of sorts I make a mental note to get more of that fruit and honey to take home when the vacation is finished. Later I learned the fruit we had eaten contains natural relaxers and stress inhibitors so those who eat it are more at ease but it will not allow someone to take advantage of another as the individual still has full control of their body and mind, its just in a more relaxed state.

I finally woke up in the morning with my mate still asleep in my arms and our son just starting to stir himself. I lay there staring at her thinking about our past then smile at the thought of how far we had come since we first met. Then another thought invades and I think about what my life would of been had I not accepted the invitation. Apparently I had shed a tear and it landed on my mates nose waking her. She looks at me with worry on her face asking whats wrong. I wipe my eyes and tell her I was just thinking of my past before coming here and what might have become of my parents. I loved them so much I'd have done almost anything I could to help them. She rolls over to face me and says with understanding on her face: "I know all about that. I left my family, friends and boyfriend back on earth as well".

Seems to be a different life for us both as we describe our previous lives. She seemed to be from a small village in the pacific where she was considered a outsider by most since she didn't think as they did about things and often just went off by herself, Thinking about what may be out there for her. I told her about the life I had left behind. We both hugged for what seemed like forever before getting up to start a new day on our vacation. She was the first person I had ever told my previous life to and I am the first to hear about hers. This makes us closer than ever before since it is not usually shared with anybody and definitely not brought up in casual conversation.

As my mate gets our son and herself ready, I take a shower and dress to go out and find breakfast. There is so much to choose from regarding fruits, vegetables and even dried fish. Seems to be a staple here in this community. Finally I find eggs from seabirds gathered early that morning and candled to check for chicks inside. If they are alive, they are placed back onto the nest to hatch and if not, into the basket and to market they go. These are a little smaller than chicken eggs so I figured about three each with a small assortment of vegetables chopped then added to them as a omelet of sorts (no cheese/milk here).

I arrive back to find my mate cleaning up from feeding our son. She says he is getting teeth and shows me a few bite marks left behind as proof. I say to her it's amazing and most likely painful so maybe after this vacation we can start him on semi-solid foods then gradually go to whatever we are eating at the time. She agrees and asks what I picked up. I tell her its a surprise and to go relax on the beach while I make breakfast and keep a eye on our son. He seems to be asleep anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult. She walks out with a towel and a grin after changing into her bathing suit. I watch her walk away and almost dropped a knife onto my foot from not paying attention to what I was doing. After re-washing the knife and rinsing off the vegetables, I start cutting them up and adding them to a pan to semi-cook them before adding them to the eggs I've already whipped up into a bowl.

After cooking both servings and placing them into the oven on low to keep them warm, I go out to find her sunbathing on the beach face down. I walk up to her and ask if she's alone. She responds with, "Yes but my mate could arrive at anytime to tell me breakfast is ready".

I kneel down to whisper in her ear, "What he don't know wont hurt him right"? She rolls over quicker than I'd expected and was almost hit with a fully clawed paw.

Her expression goes from teeth baring and angry to concerned and ears drooped. She quickly explains, "I'm so sorry, I was so relaxed I didn't recognize your voice"!

I tell her its OK, it was my fault for messing around and breakfast is ready. We both walk back to the house holding each other close. I sit her at the table and serve her. Our son is still asleep so nothing to worry about there. My mate rants and raves about the breakfast I'd prepared and says, "If you'll watch our son this afternoon, I am feeling up to preparing our lunch".

I agree and wonder what she may have in mind. I sit back on the small couch near our son so if he wakes up and fusses I'll hear him. Soon I've gotten relaxed and was just about to fall asleep when my mate returns with a covered basket. She smiles as she walks into the kitchen. I was able to catch a few odors from the basket but nothing definite. Whatever was in there smelled very good. Sounds of preparing food, rinsing, cutting and cooking soon emanate from the kitchen along with a most delicious smell.

About an hour later she comes out with a few dishes. It looks almost like oriental style but with different ingredients. As she serves me I ask where she found rice. She responds with, "It isn't rice but a close equivalent and cooks up exactly the same"

After she gets settled into her chair we both start enjoying the meal. Its been years since I've had anything remotely like this and am fully enjoying and savoring each bite. After the meal I let her know how much I enjoyed it but no words were spoken. Sooner than we both wanted the vacation is over and we have to head back to our house but not before cleaning this house from top to bottom and leaving a note of thanks to the family that will be returning tonight.

On our way back home I managed to get a few more of those fruit and a small container of honey stashed into the backpack without my mate noticing, or so I thought anyway. Just as we arrive back at our house my mate takes the bag from me saying she will put away the clothes, personal items AND the other items in there will be placed in the kitchen for later. I shower and get some fresh clothes on just as there is a knock on the door. I answer it and its another note that says, "Glad your back from vacation, be ready to work since two others have went on vacation as of yesterday"

I smile and tell my mate I'm headed over to the invitation center and I'll be back as soon as possible. Within 20 minutes I've arrived and things seem quiet for now. Checking the roster I'll be covering the shifts of the same two who covered for me when my son was born and when I went on vacation. This all starts tomorrow in the early morning so making a mental note of the time, I head back home. Arriving through the front door, I find my mate nursing our son in the rocking chair and she smiles while pointing to a note left on the mantel next to our family photo album. I pick it up and read it. "Thank You ever so much for allowing us to stay at your house for our vacation. Also Thank You for sharing your precious family photos with us. Perhaps on your next vacation you might stay at our home. Signed Henry Stallion, Mate and Daughters"

I place the note back onto the mantel and tell my mate she was correct about the album and give her a kiss. Less than eight hours to go before I was expected back at the invitation center so I prepare a quick dinner for two. My mate finishes up with our son and joins me at the table. She seems to know I have to work in the morning so we eat then head off to bed with a alarm set to wake me in six hours. Seemed to be minutes before the alarm woke me, I showered, dressed and headed out after grabbing a small breakfast.

Arriving at the center, it's now much busier than before with personnel rushing every direction. Checking the roster again, I see who I'm going on the invite with and that costumes were already hanging next to our lockers with a additional note "NO EXCHANGES". I didn't think much about it until I seen the costumes. I stand there a moment looking at them then laugh out loud while saying "A wolf in sheep's clothing" this has got to be a joke of some sort, It wasn't. After changing into the costume while keeping the head off, I head into the invitation hall to receive additional orders of who we were inviting, a picture for positive identification and any other intel gathered about them to make our job easier. A gray male anthro mouse dressed in gray pants and gray short sleeved shirt runs over to me holding a information pad with the details we have been waiting for. After passing it to me he runs off saying "Good Luck"! As we are checking it over, the reason for the sheep's costumes become apparent. This invite lives on a sheep ranch, Has four other people living in the house besides him and eight dogs with which he uses to work the sheep with. Live updates on the dogs and other humans locations are sent to the information pad.

We wait until they have all settled down for the night before stepping through the portal door with the costume heads on, walking as a sheep would. We were slightly larger than the sheep on this ranch and made our way past the dogs while putting out devices to make sure they stayed calm and asleep. Finally at the house we place additional devices under the rooms where the other four people was sleeping, the invite was by himself in his own room. After making sure the other humans were asleep, We entered the house. The invite was surprised to see us to say the least and after a brief exchange of who we were and what we were offering him, He declined. Then to explain why he showed us who was sleeping in the other two rooms. In one was his grandparents and the other was his younger twin sisters. I removed my costume head, shook his hand and we departed without another word. The devices were picked up on our way out including the ones near his dogs.

We made our way to the portal door and through it without any problems or followers. Upon re-entering the invitation hall we stripped the costumes off and was headed to the locker room when one of the personnel spoke up, "If you three are up to it, there is another with finished intel due to be invited today".

We look at each other and agree we all have time for one more since this one didn't take but a few hours. New anthro-wolf looking costumes were brought to us and we suited up quickly while going over the gathered intel on our pad. I seen what the sex was of the invite and requested a female team member just in case she was needed. The invitation team personnel agreed and one of the members I'd just went with says he will step out to allow her to take his place. As we waited for her to suit up, I informed her on the intel. This one lived just outside a cornfield in a small house, almost shack like. One room and a outhouse for a bathroom. We stepped through the portal door and wound up on the opposite side of the cornfield from her house. We got our bearing and started to make our way to the invites house. No dogs outside nor any additional humans inside. It seemed to be very simple and straight forward but we were all on edge anyway just to be ready for anything. We entered the house and seen the invite sleeping so we had to wake her to formerly extend the invitation.

I cleared my throat and said "Miss Smith (named changed to protect her identity) if you'll wake up we have something to say to you".

She sat up in bed and reached out for her glasses to get a clearer picture of who we were. Then she turned on a light and we had all moved to a reasonable distance from her bed to not cause her any undue alarm about our appearance. As her eyes adjusted to the light and focused upon us, she was visibly alarmed but her voice was steady. "Who are you"? she asked.

I explained who we were and where we were from, what life is like there and that she was being formerly invited to go there and possibly become a part of that world. She wanted proof as they all usually do. I offered to remove my costume head. She accepted and off it came to reveal my face in the dim light. She was shocked but also intrigued as well. She got up from her bed and reached out to touch my face saying how warm and soft it was as she stroked my ears. Then she asked if there was a female among us and wanted to see her as well. I turned and told the female in our team that it was her choice to show the invite her true self. She said its why she was brought along and stepped forward to show her face as well.

After a brief period of this, she accepted the invitation and off we went to the portal door after replacing our costume heads. We got halfway through the cornfield and heard someone coming then a click of a hammer being pulled back on a firearm. We had all frozen to try to outwit the human but he continued in our direction anyway. I immediately pulled up a map of the area on the pad and routed the team and invite around the human while making as little noise as possible. The invite looked scared but was being calmed by the female team member as much as possible. We were soon at the portal door and stepped through one at a time.

When the last of the team had entered the invitation hall, We completely stripped out of the costumes, I introduced her to "Doc" and wished her good luck as we walked away to the locker room. Usually we never find out what happened to the invited people unless we meet them later by circumstances in life. I got showered and changed back into the clothes I wore to the invitation center and made my way home. It was now a little past lunch time and I was starving to say the least. I entered the house to find my mate fast asleep on the couch and our son was also asleep but in his crib next to the couch. Trying to be quiet, I go into the kitchen to find a plate of lunch still kept warm in the oven that my mate had prepared for me. As I sit down to start eating I feel two arms come around me with a soft voice saying "I've missed you" I put down the fork and stand up to look into the eyes of my mate. "I've missed you too" and then we hugged before she joined me at the table to see if I enjoyed what she prepared.

Little does she know but her cooking skills are one of the minor reasons why I'm with her today. The rest of the major ones are seated across from me with a smile she always seems to have. I ask if she has already eaten and she says that both her and our son have had theirs. With amazement I ask "Solid food already"?

She then shows me our sons teeth. Wow! The lil guy is growing fast. He is already 7 pounds heavier than what his birth weight was. As I finish up my late lunch I go to pick him up and he stands to meet me. Walking already? My mate replies no but possibly tomorrow. She goes on to explain that children born here grow exponentially fast then after puberty it slows to our rate of three months physical age per year. "So at this rate how much longer before he hits puberty"? I ask.

She responds with "Perhaps another two or three years".

This is just simply amazing I think and ask if she had taken any more pictures just as a flash goes off and she responds with "Yeah all the time, Sometimes your not here to see it so I had to get you holding him".

I blush slightly and ask for the camera. She hands it to me and I hand her our son. I set the timer on the camera and make sure its pointed at the small couch then rush over to sit with my mate and son standing between us. It flashes and I get up to reset it again. My mate indulges this for another half hour before saying that dinner wont prepare itself. I agree and put the camera away after transferring the pictures to our family album. I found out later that our son had ripped off one of my mates nipples but the Dr at the med center was able to re-attach it without scars. Mean lil guy, I need to start teaching him here at home before sending him off for schooling. Basics like manners, alphabet, numbers, colors and the sort. Yes, Most anthropomorphs can see colors and see in very low light clearly as though it were daylight. We lose the color seeing ability at night just as normal humans do. Three months go by so quickly with me working the invitation team and my mate taking care of our son. He can now walk, talk and write his letters and numbers almost without hesitating. Simply amazing.

I.T.O. Second Year

As stated before adults age at 1/4 normal speed after puberty. So even after I've been here over six years, I've only aged 1.5 years physically. My son is now attending school here. Its a faster pace and coincides with his growth rate as well as all the other children here. I've requested that my invitation missions be between 7:00AM to 5:00PM during the week and at night on the weekends. This is so I can spend more time with my son when he is home. Although it doesn't always work out due to him having extra study time, or extended field trips to different places on this world. Also there are times when the invitation center needs another officer to complete a invitation due that day. I don't like it because I'm missing so much of his growth and discovering new things. But I go anyway because I've got a responsibility to fulfill as a I.T.O.

The thought of retiring from this has entered my mind but what else would I do? I enjoy it because I'm helping to bring new community members in (if they accept) and giving every one of the invites a chance to live here permanently. World population here is currently 2.8 million and plenty of room on other continents to build new communities without stressing the ecology of those areas too much. I'd guess that perhaps 3/4 of the population has went through some sort of military service of at least 1 year. The other quarter of the population is mostly second class citizens with perhaps 15 - 20 of those being third class citizens due to them messing up in one way or another. Mostly due to copulating with another and creating a new life before they made the decision to serve. Its a very serious offence and as I said before most of the population takes heed of the warnings and avoids it until they are ready to decide on serving the G.F.M. at or before the age of 25. Most decide before that age but its best to wait until at least the age of 20.

I myself didn't want to be sterilized so I joined. Everyone has their own reasons for joining or not. This second year with the Invitation Team has gone well enough. About 65-70% of the people invited accept so that just adds to the population if they decide to stay after their physical problems are fixed. About 5% of them decide to stay but as a regular human and they are still given the choice of serving the G.F.M. or not. They train with the rest of a pack in boot camp and a few actually excel the anthro in everything, So by staying human your choices are not limited by any means. But realize that 95% of this world is anthro and most do not tolerate anybody not following the rules of the community. As a human you can still be joined with a anthro if you both so desire. It is not limited to straight relations either just in case your wondering but adoption is far and few between as most children are well cared for by their biological parents or parent in the case if one of them dies in battle or while on a invite mission. Its extremely complicated to adopt requiring many months of study by the community council. I never really got into it that far because I didn't have to.

Anybody not a first class citizen is not allowed to adopt for any reason. That I know is a hard and unavoidable rule. You want a voice in the community decisions and discussions, you want children, you must serve at least one year with the G.F.M. to earn those rights. There is no getting around it. Your implanted "dog tags" have your complete military and job history from the time you arrived or was born if you were born here.

A few have tried to "hack" their implanted tags with horrible results. These are connected to the micro-nano-bots and it serves two functions overall. First is your history as explained earlier, Second it contains the necessary code for the bots to maintain your body. Destroy or mess it up and the bots go crazy within 24 hours doing whatever they want because they have no base code to rely on. Hide from the med center and you'll be dead in 48 hours guaranteed. Come forth and ask for help and you'll receive it and a new tag identifying you as a third class citizen regardless of your previous citizenship status. The only way around it is if your tag was damaged or destroyed in service of the planet then a temp-tag will be implanted until you return to home to receive a new one. Best advice is to not attempt to hack it, Ever.

This technology is thousands of years advanced of earths and its also biologically based, No one's and zero's here to mess with on a digital level. The homes are quite unique as well. They are their own source of power for cooking, lighting and heating of water. They store the energy collected from the sun in gel packs. These last for well over 50 years of heavy use. Since most of the population doesn't use them that much, they last for much longer. Electrical cords are non-existent as the energy is transferred to the appliance wirelessly sorta like wifi back on earth but much more efficient. Lights can be hung from trees and the nearby houses provide the energy to light them up to two miles away.

This planet is very efficient in it has transportation for long distance trips if you cannot get there within a hour by walking or running. I myself use this almost every day for going to and from the Invitation Center. Usually its more than three hours if I ran, But using the community transportation, Travel time is cut to about twenty minutes. The weather here is simply amazing. Usually its a light mist overnight with occasional rain at night or day. Very rarely will there be a severe storm with high speed winds and sometimes it does cause damage as the wind picks up light weight objects left outside. There are public announcements to warn the community several hours ahead of time so these things can be put away.

Available food sources, Yes there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available here year round. There is also select protein sources (meat) available such as fish, wild game and eggs from wild birds. There are no domesticated animals used for food here such as the cows, chickens etc available on earth. You either hunt and gather your own items or you go to a local vendor to purchase what he has gathered and hunted. They have rules concerning what can be and cannot be done while hunting, fishing and gathering so before you go off half cocked, Learn them and maintain your citizenship status. Mood altering chemicals, Those found naturally in food are allowed and you'll soon learn which ones will do what to your body. A few will even make you sick for a few hours to several days. There are alcoholic type drinks here but usually reserved for celebrations of some sort. The effects of this is slightly different than on earth as it gets broken down by your body quicker so the effects it does produce don't last as long. Tobacco and other things like this are not found anywhere and you'll soon forget you were ever addicted to them if you decide to accept the invitation. The micro-nano-bots will remove the urge for these items and fix any damage done because of their use. Before coming here I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, had reduced lung capacity and asthma. This place is a paradise and accepting the invitation was the best decision I've ever made on earth.

I.T.O. Third Year

Sometime in the first week of this year, my Mate and I conceived our second child. She started to get sick again so we went to the med center to find out what was wrong. The Dr informed us that nothing was wrong but "You both have a little girl on the way".

We walked out into the hall after thanking the Dr. Our son was waiting on a bench and informed him of the news by saying "You'll soon be a big brother to the little girl inside your moms tummy".

He got excited about it and asked when he would be able to see her. My mate responded with, "In about eight months she will be ready to meet you".

He mumbled something about taking her time to get ready and we smiled at the thought. We walked slowly towards home and picked up items for dinner along the way. Our son now slept in a regular bed in his own room and was about to start puberty if he hadn't already. Simply amazing, He is almost three years old and already in advanced classes at school comparable to a student in high school on earth. The months leading up to the birth of our daughter were as normal as one might expect.

The evening my mate went into labor I had just returned from a invitation but back out the door we went to the med center with our son. Its custom here to involve the whole family in a birth or a death. Nothing is kept hidden so they have a better understanding of what is occurring at that moment. My mate had brought along the camera to capture the three of us as she was going through labor pains and finally all four of us together in a few pictures where we all held the newborn. The following day at home a knock on the door, I answer it and its movers. They start packing our stuff and carrying it to a different house with three bedrooms, slightly larger living room and kitchen area. One bathroom in the hall and another connected to the parents bedroom. Within a few hours the movers had left and a welcoming committee had come to welcome the newborn girl. Loads of presents, food and of course additional photos of the three of us as my mates belly gets bigger then its small again with the four of us in the picture. My daughters fur style and coloration is stunning and she even has a little patch of blond hair on her head. Yep, That's my daughter! Since we had given away the crib used for our son, we got another as a gift. Loads of outfits for her including some she would have to grow into, Wouldn't take long.

Then writers block hit

The Story would of continued on as expected with both kids getting bigger and the younger one attending school just as her big brother did. We would end up staying in the three bedroom house until they moved out eventually to their own apartments. My mate and I would raise the kids, help em find apartments then move ourselves into a one bedroom house so another family could utilize the house. I would of continued going on missions to invite people from various earth-like worlds to live here permanently if they so desired to. A couple of the invites would want to go back so the micro-nano-bots were removed from them, they were escorted back to their home and left there safe and sound but a whole lot healthier than before and back in their original form if they had it changed. Two weeks before the end of the seventh year my team and I would get caught in another farmers field but this time we weren't so lucky in getting away. One was killed, another was wounded and I ended up carrying them both through the portal door seconds before it closed. Later did I realize I had been hit in the foot as I was running and lost two toes from my right foot. The other two team members were mates and the female had survived only to have to raise her son by herself, with additional support from the community and me visiting her once a week.

I apologise for ending it this way but I was stuck, had been stuck for well over a month and it needed to have some sort of ending to complete it. I knew I said I was going to publish it and sell it but ... Do y'all have any idea what it costs to be published? Let alone if a publishing company even thinks its good enough to be published. Sure I could do it myself with some sort of on-line thing and sell e-books OR just go to a Kinko's and have the printed ones made up with color front and rear covers but that costs way more than I expected and finding someone to draw the pictures who wouldn't charge me much was also a impossibility. Just should of given the whole thing to the M.I.(mission impossible) team and let them publish it for me.

I hope everybody who reads this enjoys it as much as I did writing it. I know y'all lil pirates will copy it and try to utilize it in y'all's own way. This is not fap-able material and I've tried to keep it that way intentionally but utilizing your itty bitty imaginations I'm sure you'll find a way to fap to it as you would anything else furry related.

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